How are QR codes different from TINE Tags

There is a lot of confusion out there about QR codes, and as it turns out you can’t just print a QR code on a sheet of paper and add a video to it. A QR code is nothing more than a special barcode.

Our stickers have QR codes that correspond to locations on our servers in the cloud. When you use the TINE app you actually upload your video to that location on our server. When someone scans your tag we download the video stored at that location. Without having an app to upload and download the video, a server to host your video, and the technical know-how to make it all work together, you'll need more than just a QR code to stick video to the things you share. 

Our goal at TINE is to let anyone stick videos to the things they share, without them needing to be technical at all. We built TINE so anyone could use it.

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