How are QR codes different from TINE tags?

While TINE uses QR codes, TINE is very different. Typically a QR code isn't anything more than a link to a website. You can use a QR code scanner and scan the code, and then the scanner will launch the website. A QR code can work with any scanner and will always launch the same website.  

TINE uses QR codes differently. TINE tags are designed to work with the TINE app.  Instead of embedding a website, our QR codes are more like bar codes with encoded locations to storage in the TINE cloud. When you record your video, we upload that video to that location in the cloud. Now when someone scans your tag, we go back to that location in the cloud, and stream across your video. This gives you the ability to easily change your video when you want, reset the tag, and even let people comment on your video all from within the TINE app.   

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