How can I use TINE tags?

There are a million and one ways to use TINE tags. Look for inspiration on our website and our social media pages

Here are 10 interesting ways to use TINE:

  1. Use it for guests - Add instructions to things. Record video or audio instructions for your guests on your remote control or coffee maker for a place you're renting out on AirBnB.
  2. Use it with your yearbook - Add video or audio messages to other people's yearbooks and create a really cool way to save memories
  3. Use it with a greeting card - Add a video of yourself singing "Happy Birthday" and attach it to a birthday card, and make someone else's day with a fun video. 
  4. Use it in a art gallery or museum - Add a video or audio message of the artist or curator explaining the video 
  5. Use it to make any book into a recordable storybook - Add audio or video of yourself reading a book, stick it on a story book and tuck that special someone in at night even when your're not there. 
  6. Use it to leave instructions for the babysitter - Add instructions to the baby formula, or medicine so you don't have to worry if they remember exactly what you said when you were running out the door.
  7. Use it to leave video love notes around the house - Surprise that special someone with little notes in their lunch, in their bag or around the house to let them know you're thinking of them. 
  8. Use it to organize - Tag boxes with TINE tags and add a photos or a video of what's inside.  
  9. Use it on the stuff you would miss - Put a TINE tag in your wallet or on your laptop, if someone finds your stuff they'll know how to get it back to you. 
  10. Use it with your pets - Next time you leave Fido you can make sure he has a TINE tag on his collar with a video mentioning all his allergies or grooming information. 



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